Why Have a Cruise in Halong Bay

Are you planning a grand vacation in the East? You might want to try Vietnam's famous Halong Bay cruise where you and your family and friends can enjoy the fun and experience of Vietnam's pride. Halong is the world's heritage seascape, with jagged limestone pinnacles, great beaches, and one of the most popular tourist attractions in Vietnam. Come and explore the great wonders of this paradise!

Having a cruise in Halong Bay offers the best navigation and discovery experience of Vietnam's magnificent natural scenery. There are many types of cruises available in Halong day that tourists can truly admire with the relaxing and enjoyable scenery out in the water for classic overnight choices with 24 hours cruises recommended for travelers. If you're looking to explore and unwind in more remote areas of Halong Bay, you can avail of longer itineraries for an ultimate cruising experience.  Read more on athena cruise.

There are also cruises wherein travelers are transferred from the main boat into smaller boats for the daytime activities, then return to the main ship at night time. Halong Bay is considered a paradise for amateur and professional photographers because of its rich and unique rock formations, an excellent medium for a photo shoot of Vietnam's natural beauty. Get to mingle with the locals who are friendly and welcoming, and indulge yourself eating local fruits from their floating markets, water sports, diverse wildlife, and the exquisite dining experience. Indeed, Halong Bay has more to offer aside from the scenes and sights. Enjoy having a romantic candlelit dinner in a cave, Ta Chi session, and kayaking in the myriad of grotto and islets.

Halong Bay comprises of three different bays which include the Ha long, Bai Tu Long, and La Han Bay. These bays have a beautiful and stunning landscape of limestone cliffs, small beaches, and caves. Get to discover the Ca Ba island with its lush forest, white sand beaches, and a spectacular view of hills and cliffs. Halong Bay cruise will never be complete without the Azalea Cruise. This is a luxury cruise with all the amenities and features you need to welcome you on board with friendly cabin crew and staff. Come and enjoy the Halong Bay cruise today! Get more information about the Azalea Halong Bay Cruise by visiting our homepage or website now! It is time to relax and enjoy, have a grand vacation in Vietnam, and go back with precious memories you'll never forget! See more on azalea cruise halong bay.